Monday, May 7, 2007

Letter in Jerusalem Post Re: S. Katz's 'Saison' Op-ed

Trenchant reminder

Sir, - Congratulations to Shmuel Katz for his trenchant and necessary reminder to a new generation of how the heroes of Israel's struggle for independence were forced to battle not only British and Arabs, but the Jewish establishment ("They hunted us like animals," May 1). It served as a reminder of what Katz has noted elsewhere - that what is generally described as Israel's War of Independence was in fact a war of defense, or survival, against invasion by foreign Arab armies.

Israel's real War of Independence was waged against the British by the Jewish underground, sporadically, as Katz notes, by elements of the Haganah, but chiefly by the Irgun and even earlier by the Lehi or Fighters for the Freedom of Israel, which became better known, thanks to the hostile Jewish establishment, as the Stern Gang.

Irvington, Indiana