Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jerusalem A Century Ago - Near and Around the Site of the Begin Center

Emeq Refain and Derech Bet Lehem spread out to the left and the train station can be seen in the center. The Begin Center location can be seen as bare, just right & low of center.

No. 5 is the train station and No. 7 is the Sham'ah neighborhood where the Cinematheque is today. Between the two, from top to bottom, can be seen what is today Nahon Street.

A view from approximately the Mt. Zion Hotel is today looking north-east to the Sultan's Pool area. The Begin Center is now at the left-center.

A view from the opposite direction, from near Jaffa Gate looking south at the Sultan's Pool and the area where the Begin Center now is located.

Same view from an earlier period before World War I.

and a map and detail of the area of the Begin Center in 1924:-

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