Thursday, August 27, 2015

Begin Memorial in Brisk

Professor David Assaf of Tel Aviv University led a tour to Vilna and Brisk recently.  He requested, and received, information regarding Menachem Begin's legacy.

He has now sent us these photographs from Brisk, Begin's birthplace, including his family home:


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Menachem Begin Mentioned ... Once

In the latest volume of foreign affairs documents' collection of the United States State Department, on the subject of the Arab-Israeli Dispute between the years 1969–1972, Menachem Begin, who served as a Minister and head of the Opposition, is mentioned once:

Following Israel’s acceptance of the U.S. peace initiative on August 4, Prime Minister Meir’s Government of National Unity broke up when six members of the Gahal faction, a coalition group led by Menachem Begin, withdrew in protest of the Cabinet’s decision to participate in the cease-fire with the UAR and Jordan. (New York Times, August 4, 1970, p. 9)

On page 503.

One reference in 1090 pages.