Monday, August 3, 2020

A Bit of a Sarcastic Provocation

The Begin Center received this email:

Could this be a real person?

Well, back in 2008, one "Neal Wohlmuth", writing in the North California Jewish News on February 1, advocated genocide as a “solution” to the “Palestinian problem”. He also stated that Israel should expel the Arabs from Gaza and finished in a flourish:

“Those who refuse to leave should be annihilated. Start the carpet bombings.”

He seems to have left a comment here, realating to a 2018 JPost article on the King David Hotel bombing.

I am going to make an educated guess that indeed, this is an anti-Zionist Jew who has adopted a line of tongue-in-the-cheek provocation black propaganda to harm Israel's interests. A Jew because of the familiarity with Judaism displayed in his email.

There is/was a Neal Wholmuth in San Francisco (p. 9) but I doubt he is our Neal, even if he sponsored a kiddush. But who knows?

In Septemeber 2017, he left a comment regarding a Jerualem Post article on the King David Hotel bombing.

But to respond to his quips, three Jewish freedom fighters, engaged in resistance actions against a repressive mandatory regime which had reneged on its commitments and responsibilities as per the 1922 League of Nations decision to reconstitute a Jewish national homeland were hanged the previous day. Moreover, in standing by its 1939 White Paper after the Holocaust which kept Jews languishing in Europe, it had lost all moral authority, Prisoners of war are not to be treated as criminals. Menachem Begin ordered that the British soldiers be hanged and that put an end to the gallows in the Land of Israel.

And thanks to Begin and the Irgun and the other Hebrew undergrounds, we can eat cake in a free Israel today.