Monday, November 16, 2020

Retracing the Route of Anders' Army

Menachem Begin enlisted in Anders' Army in the late fall of 1941 and arived in then Mandate Palestine in April 1942.

The route:

Started at Jangijul (now Yangiyol), Uzbekistan, south of Tashkent, the headquarters of the Anders’ Army; From there to

Samarkand, then to Kermine (now Navoiy), on to Bukhara, Turkmenabat, Merv (now Mary), Tejen, Ashgabat, Krasnovodsk (now Turkmanbashi), from where the Army was shipped to Pahlevi, Persia (now Bandar-e Anzali, Iran).

From Bandar Anzali to Tehran, then to Ahvaz; from Ahvaz to Basra; from Basra to Baghdad. From Baghdad to Jerusalem.