Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Scholarship Awards Ceremony 2006

This year's scholarship awards ceremony was very special because of the high academic level of the works that had been submitted and because of the presence of the family of the late Max Kritzman, who, together with Max Seligman, had represented Irgun fighters before the Mandatory Authorities. One of the recipients, Shimon Blum, gave a lecture on the role of the two well-known advocates.
Another of the scholarships was given in the name of I.H. Asper to whom tribute was paid by Harry Hurwitz, who spoke of his leadership, courage and vision. Herzl Makov, Director General, recalled the memory of Prof. Ozer Shield, who died just the previous week. He had been on the academic committee from the start and made very important recommendations.
The recipients were, in addition to Shimon Blum: Shachar Burla, Ranana Amiur-Sonnenblick, Hadas Aharoni, Chanoch Gershon, Ronen Shoval and for commendation, Avi Wiederman.
The function was presided over by Moshe Fuksman-Sha'al, who is in charge of the Academic Affairs of the Center
Harry Hurwitz speaking in tribute of Izzy Asper
Herzi Makov recalling Prof. Ozer Shield

Shira Blum
with (L-R: Harry Hurwitz, Herzi Makov & Yemima Rosenthal)

Shimon Blum

Ranana Amiur-Sonnenblick

Avi Wiederman

Ronen Shoval

Moshe Fuksman-Sha'al emcees the event