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Government Fellows Program

Menachem Begin Heritage Center
Government Fellows Program
Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Program intended for?

The Government Fellows Program has been developed to train the future leaders of the Jewish people. The program is looking for Jewish individuals ages 21-30 who hold at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited academic institution. Applicants must show an interest in studying the political and governmental structure of the State of Israel and be prepared to work within its various institutions. The program is seeking applicants who see themselves in future leadership roles, who are active contributors to their respective communities, and who demonstrate a general involvement and commitment to improving the society in which they live. Applicants must also identify themselves strongly with the Jewish people, and recognize the centrality of State of Israel to the Jewish people.

Do I need to be fluent in Hebrew in order to participate in this program?

Most of the seminars, classes, tours and extra-curricular activities with take place in English, and a functional familiarity of English is required. Participants from non-English speaking countries will be required to take an English fluency test. Hebrew fluency is not required except for participants who do not speak English as a first language. The program includes weekly Hebrew language courses (Ulpan).

How long does the Program last?

The Government Fellows Program lasts six (6) months, from September 2007 to February 2008.

What exactly does this program consist of?

At the heart of the program is the placement of participants in internships in various offices of the Israeli Government. Interns will work Sundays to Wednesdays from 8:00am to 4:00pm, and placements will be based on the manpower needs of the Government and the skills and requests of the interns. The remainder of the program consists of extracurricular seminars and activities in various subjects, including government, democracy, history, Zionism and culture. Weekly tours and hiking trips, along with joint programs with Israeli youth are also included in the program.

Can you please provide some more details about the program’s social and extracurricular activities?

During the course of the program, interns will participate in a wide range of programming outside of their specific internships. These programs include leadership training seminars, first aid courses from Magen David Adom, and weekly Bible classes. Participants will travel and hike throughout the country and in Jerusalem, and will even participate in an archeological dig. Interns will also receive media and public relations training, and will visit and meet with members of the Knesset. Further, meetings and seminars with parliamentary assistants and journalists will also take place. Volunteering, tree planting, cultural seminars and joint activities with Israeli counterparts are also included in the program. .

What does the application process consist of?

Applicants must fill out the program applications and submit it along with several written essays and a US$100 non-refundable registration fee. The staff at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center will review all applications, and qualified applicants will be interviewed, either by phone or in person by one of our representatives.

What are the application requirements?

The Government Fellows Program is open to all Jewish, post-baccalaureate individuals aged 21-30. Applicants must have a background in communal and social involvement and must express an interest in governmental affairs. A flow chart outlining the application process can be found on the website of the Menachem Begin Heritage Center, .

How much does the program cost?

US$6,500 consisting of US$6,400 (Price prior to the “Masa” Grant) plus the US$100 non-refundable registration fee. Details regarding accreditation are at the outline document.

Are there any scholarships or other types of financial assistance available for this program?

Scholarship and financial assistance requests for this program can be directed to the Masa Israel Journey project (

What are the starting and ending dates of the program? Is the more than one session per year?

The program will begin on September 1, 2007 and will conclude at the end of February 2008. The next six month session will begin in September 2008.

Do participants receive any health insurance while the program?


Where will we be living?

Participants will live in their own apartments in the center of Jerusalem, within walking distance from the Old City and many of Jerusalem’s main tourist and shopping locations.

Are participants required to pay for apartment expenses?

Apartment bills, including water and electricity, will be paid by the Begin Center, up to a predetermined amount. In the event that expenses exceed this sum, the difference will be paid by participants.

Will we be paid for the work we will be doing?

There are no arrangements for interns to be paid. However, travel expenses (within a predetermined framework) will be covered by the Ministry for which you will be working.

When is the application deadline? What is included in the application form?

Application forms can be found on the Center’s website, We will be informing applicants whether or not they have been accepted to the program by June 1, 2007, so all applications must be received before this date.

How many people will be accepted to the program?

We will be accepting 18 applicants for the September 2007 program.

Will participants receive any certificates from the program?

Upon completion of the program, the participant will be awarded a certificate of the Government Fellow Internship program by both the Civil Service Commission and the Begin Center.

Good luck,

Hadasa Greenberg-Yaakov
The Menachem Begin Heritage Center
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Government Fellows Program - Outline


The Menachem Begin Heritage Center is the national commemoration project dedicated to Israel’s sixth prime minister and operates by virtue of the "Begin Law" passed by the Knesset in 1998.

The Begin Heritage Center, located on Jerusalem’s Hinnom ridge overlooking Mt. Zion and the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, is open to the public and regularly holds informational events highlighting research activities and educational programming, all dealing with the deeds and heritage of Menachem Begin as a leader, a statesman and a fighter for the freedom and the secure future of the Jewish people in its land. Academic research and educational themes include diplomacy, leadership, security and social, cultural and economic issues all reflecting the special vision of Menachem Begin. In addition to the Research Institute, there is a reference library and Mr. Begin’s personal archives

Government Fellows Program

Educational principles - the Center’s outlook is value-driven, with an emphasis on leadership and the inculcating of parliamentarism through experiential activities viewing the state of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state in which one will find personal liberty, social justice and equality for all, supremacy of law and governmental ethics.

The core element: acquainting students with the ministerial and parliamentary democratic system through internship programs at various government offices.

The goal: strengthening the links between Jewish youth--the leaders of tomorrow--the State of Israel and the Zionist idea.

Additional educational themes: providing a basic knowledge of Israel’s governmental structure, local councils, work methods, tools available to the citizen that enable him or her to have a voice in the democratic process; learning about outstanding individuals and events in the country’s history, its parliamentary system and the political and party reality; transferring comprehensive, deep and broad knowledge regarding the history of the State of Israel, its geography and its elected and appointed regime structure; studying the practices of government ministries and the division of authority between them; understanding the basic fundamentals of the democratic system, its political and party processes.

After completion of this program, the participant will appreciate and understand the values of the State of Israel and because of having been personally involved in the inner workings of government, the participant will have a foundation on which to build a leadership role in the Jewish community and as a Zionist.

Participants and Target audience

The target audience is Jewish young people, post-baccalaureate, who are active in their communities and are interested in events in Israel and its political life who are prepared be involved and to undergo a working experience in the governmental system. It is anticipated that participants will include young adults who intend to work with a commitment to the society in which they live and within a variety of frameworks and who are members of the Jewish community who recognize the central importance of Israel and the status of the Jewish People.

This program has been developed to train the Jewish leaders of tomorrow.

Acceptance Criteria:

Age: 21 – 30 with a Bachelor's degree from a recognized academic institution.

Language: fluent English, as well as a fair level of spoken and written Hebrew. For non-native English speakers, an English fluency test will be administered.

Experience: (Preferred) previous experience in public and community involvement with a desire to continue in the field of public and community affairs.

Skills: Good inter-personal communication, positive outlook and personal initiative, computer literate in a variety of applications

Please include in your application:

Letters of recommendation from academic staff, personal acquaintances and employers, if relevant.

Two short essays: 1. describing two or three challenges facing Israel and the Jewish people at this time, in regards to Jewish identity, connection to the Land of Israel. (500 words max.) 2. Outline your hopes and aspirations for the future, emphasizing your own personal Jewish identification, connection with the land of Israel, description of your own Jewish community activity and future aspirations. (500 words max.)

In addition, the participant should include a writing sample he/she has written so that his/her writing and explanatory skills can be judged.

A photo, Resume.

Upon acceptance, a short biographical outline will be submitted.

Other Details:

Housing: Housing is included - the participants will live in several private rented and furnished apartments in central Jerusalem (bedding is not included), no more than two to a room, and will maintain an independent existence. The apartment expenses, including electricity and water bills, will be paid by the Begin Center, up to a pre-determined maximum sum. If bills and expenses that exceed this sum, the difference will be paid by the participants.

Each apartment will be supplied with a guide containing information on all facets of running the apartment and its equipment as well as travel instructions, maps, cultural and entertainment facilities, et al. During trips, accommodations will be either in hotels, youth hostels, field schools or at camp sites.

Food: participants are responsible for their own eating arrangements except during group trips where there will be kosher catering.

Travel: for intra-urban purposes, the participants will travel on their own. On excursions, transport will be arranged.

Participants will sign the affidavit confirming their agreement to abide by all the security and safety procedures throughout the course of the program.

Participant Obligations and Privileges: The participant must attend all theoretical and practical lectures, assure proper time requirements, and fulfill counselors’ instructions and internship needs. He/she must take care to maintain prudent and cautious behavior and a general sense of awareness. A theme will be selected by him/her which will be studied or a project that will be completed and a presentation will be made at the program’s conclusion as well as to the home community.

Sponsor’s Responsibilities: the Begin Center will define the specific task the participant will assume and will aid him/her to fulfill his/her responsibilities and to help with job acclimatization. The Center will coordinate with the ministry office the task delineation as well as participate in pre-training workshops, etc. and will fill out all required post-program forms and provide recommendations and program summaries. The Begin Center will be a resource for all kinds of support throughout the study/work abroad experience

(Conduct arrival orientation)

Cost of the Program: US$6,500 (Price prior to the “Masa” Grant)

Terms of Payment:
Non-refundable Registration Fee US$ 100
Upon Acceptance:
First payment, due July 1, 2007 US$1,000
Balance due US$5,400
Full payment by August 31 receives a discount of 5%
Payment Options:
1. Payment in Cash (payment plan available)
2. Payment by Credit Card
3. Checks are not accepted
The registration fee is non-refundable even in the case of your cancellation.
Tuition will not be refunded, or any portion thereof, in the case of your cancellation of participation.

The price includes residency accommodations, all activities connected with the program, books, learning booklets, tours including transportation, site entry and meals, etc. (Electricity and water bills will be paid up to a certain fixed ‘ceiling’ and it is the responsibility of the fellows to pay the sum that has exceeded that ‘ceiling’.) Medical insurance is included as well. Not included are flight expenses and everyday living expenses, excluding joint activities as mentioned above.

Accreditation: upon completion of the program, the participant will be awarded a certificate of the Government Fellow Internship program by both the Civil Service Commission and the Begin Center.



 US$100 Application Fee (non-refundable)
 Application Form
 A Photo
 Transcripts
 Resume
 Volunteer Activities
 Personal Biography
 Two Essays
 Writing Sample
 3 Letters of Reference
 Health Insurance Form
 MASA Grant Form

Registration Deadline for September 2007: 31 May 2007
Registration Deadline for September 2008: 31 May 2008

Good Luck!


Application fee: US$100 (non-refundable)

Israel Government Fellows Application Form

1. Personal Information:

First name ____________ Last name ____________________

Home address _______________________________________

Country of residence _________________________________

Present address ___________________________________________

E-mail __________________@__________________________________

Date of Birth ________________ Telephone number ___________________

Single / married Gender _______________

Passport Number __________________________________

2. Educational Background

Degree Major Date of Graduation School

Please include a copy of your transcript(s)

3. Work Experience

Date of Employment Place of Employment Type of Employment

Please also attach a resume.

4. Briefly describe any communal or volunteer work in which you have been involved

5. Briefly outline your personal biography (250 words or less)

6. Write two short essays:
1) Describe two or three challenges facing Israel and the Jewish people today in regards to Jewish identity, connection to the Land of Israel. (500 words max.)
2) Outline your hopes and aspirations for the future. (500 words max.)

7. Please include a writing sample (i.e. press release, short academic paper, short article, etc)

8. Computer Skills:

9. Language: [level: mother tongue, high, medium, weak]

Language Writing Reading Speaking







10. Have you ever been to Israel before? Y/N

11. If so, in what framework? (Relatives, Tourism, Short/Long-term program)

12. Do you (or either of your parents or both) belong to a synagogue? Y/N

13. If yes, what is your (or their) synagogue affiliation? __________

14. How did you hear about the "Israel Government Fellows" program?


15. Letters of recommendation: (Please, include at least one name in each of the following categories: (a) employer, (b) teacher or academic advisor (c) Shaliach or community leader) Letters can be sent directly via email or regular mail, but please list them here.

Name Relation Telephone e-mail



16. What are your preferences for internship? For general information go to:
After acceptance to the program, together we will refine your internship experience.

17. Preferences for adoptive family in Israel (religious affiliation) _________

If you feel there is any additional relevant information that you would like us to know, please include it with your application submission.

Please mail the application form and all necessary documents with a US$100 non-refundable application fee to the following address:

Menachem Begin Heritage Center
Israel Government Fellows program
6 Nahon St. Jerusalem 94110

If you have any questions please e-mail them to

A confirmation of receipt of your application will be sent by email.