Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Center Bulletin, Volume 4, Issue 14

Volume 4, Issue 14
January 16, 2008

Total Number of Visitors Since October 2004: 369,689

Parashat HaShavua Participants Undeterred by Heavy Security Surrounding Bush's Visit

More than 200 of the regular participants in the Rohr Family Parashat HaShavua program of the Begin Center were not deterred by the security for the visit to Jerusalem by President Bush of the USA last week. Despite the presence of large numbers of police and security personnel blocking all ro ads, these regulars arrived at the Begin Center at the appointed time and took their seats as usual to hear the lecture by Dr. Shelly Goldberg.

The lecture went on uninterrupted and at the end of it the participants rose and went on their way. Shortly thereafter, the security restrictions were lifted as President Bush and his entourage returned to their hotels which were all in close proximity to the Begin Center.

* * * * *

First Parashat HaShavua CD on Sale NOW!

The first CD of the Begin Center's Parashat HaShavua program was released last week and is now on sale at Tal Klein's souvenir store on the entrance level. It comprises 13 of the original series of lectures on the weekly portions in Bereshit given by Dr. Micha Goodman. The technical process for this production was started some years ago before the Rohr Family became involved in the program. All future discs will be part of their comprehensive sponsorship of the program.

Begin Center Against New "Sloppy" Biography of Begin

The Menachem Begin Heritage Center is leading the campaign against a recently published "biography" of Menachem Begin by a young journalist, Avi Shilon, on the grounds that the book is full of flaws, found on almost every other page.

The Chairman of the Begin Center, Herzl Makov, appeared on the Channel 10 television program hosted by London and Kirschenbaum along with the book's author and Prof. Yechiam Weitz.

Makov said that the book has been studied and researched and severely criticized by three well-known historians:

Prof. Michael Bar-Zohar of Tel Aviv University said on the radio station Galei-Tzhal on 1 1 January: "This book is very controversial. A very sloppy book. There are all kinds of quotes and details that are problematic, inexact and wrong. The publisher, Am Oved, claims that they had historians that went over the book. What do we do with such historians? I wouldn't take classes with those historians."

Prof. Aryeh Naor of Ben-Gurion University said in Ma'ariv on 8 January: "There are inexact quotes, facts, dates, which shows that this is not a serious work."

Prof. Yechiam Weitz of Haifa University said on Channel 10 on 14 January: "The boo k is sloppy. There are terrible and horrible mistakes. Good heavens, there are terrible mistakes even in the bibliography."

Staff members of the Center are still painstakingly going over the 500+ page volume.

"Sderot: A Different Country"

A panel discussion and a 50-minute movie on Sderot will take place in the Begin Center on Tuesday, 22 January at 7:00pm.

The event is being organized by the well-known magazine Eretz Aheret ("A Different Country").

The 50-minute movie HaHalutzim (The Pioneers) has been made by the historian Dr. Arele Cohen, who will be one of the speakers in the panel.

Entrance is free and it is advisable to phone for reservations to (02) 621-6112.

In Memoriam

We deeply regret to record the death of Mrs. Sara Mirelman, widow of the late Dr. Josef Mirelman, who died some years ago. They were veterans of the Jabotinsky movement in South America and had worked with Jabotinsky himself.

She is survived by their children and grandchildren: Ruth Gorali, David and Ahuva Mirelman, Julie and Eli Caspi, Ariel and Irit Mirelman. Dr. Mirelman was a member of the International Board of the Menachem Begin Heritage Foundation. We extend our heartfelt sympathy to the whole family.


Vivienne and Abe Ruttenberg of Toronto, Canada, visited the Begin Center on Monday and met with Harry Hurwitz, the Founder and President of the Menachem Begin Heritage Foundation, whom they have known for many years. They were most impressed by the building, the museum, the auditorium and the Beit Knesset and also by the current temporary exhibition marking 30 years after the visit of President Anwar Sadat to Jerusalem at the invitation of Prime Minister Menachem Begin.

* * * * *

Several hundred WIZO leaders from abroad who were in Jerusalem participating in the WIZO convention visited the Begin Center on Tuesday and spent the required time in the museum and viewed other features in the Begin Center. The Begin Center was part of the Jerusalem program of the convention delegates and visitors.