Monday, July 28, 2008

A New Research Web Site

There's a new web site for research on Israel, the American Presidency Project and to illustrate its worth, I entered 'Menachem' and 'Begin' and here's one document made available:

Statement by Deputy Press Secretary Speakes on the Resignation of
Prime Minister Menachem Begin of Israel
September 15th, 1983

The resignation of Prime Minister Begin was formalized today. The President wishes Mr. Begin well and states that the Prime Minister has played a unique and central role in the history of his country. His dedication to peace and his efforts on behalf of the people of Israel are truly commendable. His statesmanship and leadership have been a source of inspiration. Prime Minister Begin has shown the courage and determination to make the kind of difficult decisions for peace, as demonstrated at Camp David, decisions which are so necessary to bring stability to this troubled region of the world.