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Center Bulletin, Vol. 5, No. 31

Menachem Begin Heritage Center Bulletin Vol. 5, No. 31 | 28 May 2009



It has become an annual tradition for the Begin Center to sponsor all-night learning on the evening of Shavuot and usually filling the whole Center to capacity. The Begin Center is located a short walk from the Old City of Jerusalem which allows participants to walk to the Kotel (Western Wall) for sunrise prayers in the morning.
The schedule for Shavuot 2009/5769, May 28-29, is as follows:

The main lectures, with simultaneous sign language translation, will be held in the Reuben Hecht Auditorium from 11:00pm until 3:00am. Lecturers will be Herzl Makov, Chairman of the Begin Center; Mrs. Bilha Ben Eliyahu; Dr. Aviad HaCohen; Dr. Ido Chevroni; and author, Chaim Be'er. Other lectures will be given in the Seminar Room by Jessica Sacks, Eliezer Schwartz and Baruch Barzel. Also, three locations will be set aside for learning groups.

At 3:30am, two guides will take groups to the Kotel for sunrise prayers.

(*Note: The Menachem Begin Heritage Museum is only open for a half day on May 28 and will be closed May 29.)


These early days of summer are the time for schools from around Israel to come to the Begin Center to participate in the concluding reenactments of the Junior Knesset, taking everything that they have learned over the past semester and putting it into practice. Most of the schools participate in the program in Hebrew, but this year the program was translated for the Alexander Muss School in Hod HaSharon to be done in English.

Many workshops were conducted for the Army leadership training program. The program continues to grow utilizing the Begin Center's unique location for historical tours of the area. There is now a tour for the soldiers called From the Underground to Independence. They visit the former train station, the King David Hotel, the Jabotinsky House, the Underground Prisoner's Museum and Heroism Shrine. This tour is different from the one in Yemin Moshe that reviews the defense of that neighborhood.

In recent weeks, we have had leadership workshops for a commando unit of the Navy and coordinators from a logistics base, among other regular army and military police groups.


Marc and Sheila Moller visited the Menachem Begin Heritage Center and toured the museum.

Ella Gurevich visited the Menachem Begin Heritage Center and museum with her son, Mitch.

American Friends of Likud hosted a breakfast meeting with Col. Bentzi Gruber who spoke about ethics in the field as well as touching on the situation in Gaza with the smuggling tunnels.

The Begin Center was notified that a quote attributed to Menachem Begin is floating around the internet. The quote is blatantly falsified and grossly misleading. The Information and Content department researched the source and directed the questioner to a research site that sheds more light on this specific instance of manufactured quotation.

A documentary filmmaker visited the Center to do some research about the Altalena.
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