Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Begin at Bet El; Begin Recalled

Begin Visits Pisgat Yaakov in Beit El

Minister Benny Begin visited Pisgat Yaakov (Artis Hill) in Beit El Tuesday and met with the Mayor of Beit El to discuss the possibility of developing the young community. Mayor Moshe Rosenboim told Begin that the freeze on housing construction is making life very difficult for existing residents in Beit El and for young families wishing to join.

Rosenboim told Begin that his late father, Menachem Begin, approved the construction of Beit El when he was Prime Minister. In addition, Rosenboim told the minister, Menachem Begin took part in the dedication of the local Torah Study Hall (Beit Midrash), and said that it was “the greatest day of my life.”

Benny Begin was moved by the story and promised to do his best to assist in the development of Pisgat Yaakov.
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