Wednesday, November 18, 2009

When Begin Was Besmirched

"[Former Lord Mayor of London Ken] Livingstone is emblematic of many of the 1968 generation of leftist politicians for whom anti-Zionist and anti-Israel language is second nature. As editor of the Labour Herald, Livingstone published in 1982 a cartoon of the Israeli prime minister, Menachem Begin, dressed in a black SS uniform standing on a mountain of Arab skulls above the slogan, "The Final Solution? Shalom?"

Livingstone also accused the representative body of British Jews, the Board of Deputies, of being dominated by "neo-fascists" and argued that those Jews who supported Labour did so not "because they were Jewish but because the Conservative Party was anti-Semitic." Yet Reg Freeson, the Labour MP who was ousted and replaced as MP by Livingstone, said he didn't consider Livingstone "anti-Semitic."

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