Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Book on the Mandate Era History

Dr Rory Miller, a Senior Lecturer in Mediterranean Studies at King's College London, UK, has had a new book published:

It's description:

In 1948, British troops withdrew from the Palestinian lands, ending over 30 years of the British Mandate of Palestine. What followed in the area now known as Israel, Palestine, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, has been well-documented and is perhaps one of the most intractable problems of the post-imperial age. However, relatively little has been written about the years of the British mandate and the long-standing connection between Britain and Palestine in the years up to May 1948. This volume takes a fresh look at the years of the British mandate; its politics, economics, and culture. Contributors address themes such as religion, mandatory administration, economic development, policing and counter-insurgency, violence, art and culture, and decolonization, in the context of imperial power and a highly complex Palestinian society. The book will be valuable to scholars of the British mandate, but also more broadly to those interested in imperial history and the history of the West's involvement in the Middle East.

"Relatively little" is not a fair term to use in this context.  There are dozens of books recently published in the past decade.

Here are the book's content:

Introduction, Rory Miller; Flawed foundations: the Balfour Declaration and the Palestine Mandate, James Renton; The impact of League oversight on British policy in Palestine, Susan Pedersen; 'Our Jerusalem': Bertha Spafford Vester and Christianity in Palestine during the British Mandate, Heleen Murre-van den Berg; Views of Palestine in British art in wartime and peacetime, 1914–1948, Antoine Capet; No holy statistics in the Holy Land: the fallacy of growth in the Palestine rural economy, 1920s–1930s, Amos Nadan; The Peel Commission and partition, 1936–1938, Penny Sinanoglou; Lawlessness was the law: British armed forces, the legal system and the repression of the Arab revolt in Palestine, 1936–1939, Matthew Hughes; 'An oriental Ireland': thinking about Palestine in terms of the Irish question during the Mandatory era, Rory Miller; Palestine, 1945–1948: a view from the High Commissioner’s office, Motti Golani; Index.

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