Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Begin Memorial Ceremony at the Knesset

Yesterday, Wednesday, the Knesset conducted a discussion on the issue of Parliamentarism in honor of the memory of Menachem Begin.

Here's from the Ynet report:

PM: Begin would have been appalled by 'price tag' policy

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commented on Menachem Begin's legacy during a Knesset conference marking 19 years to the former prime minister's passing. "Begin loved the settlers like a father but he wouldn't have shown lenience," he said. Netanyahu added that he was convinced that had Begin been alive he would not have been able to disguise his shock faced with "the small minority" of settlers.


Jerusalem Post.

The Knesset Speaker's remarks (in Hebrew).

The Knesset Memorial page for Menachem Begin.
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