Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Peace Documentary Produced

Newly minted Fisher Klingenstein Films has acquired worldwide rights to the documentary "Back Door Channels: The Price of Peace" [which] focuses on the interplay between the official government channels and the men who acted largely behind the scenes of the peace process between Egypt and Israel, tracing the confluence of factors that led to the Camp David Accords and ensuing peace treaty of 1979.

The film examines the personalities -- Menachem Begin, Anwar El-Sadat, and Jimmy Carter -- who drove the peace process along with the secret liaisons, communications, and third-party world leaders who played roles in forging the agreement.

CEO Danny Fisher, former CEO of City Lights Media, noted that "Channels" is the first theatrical release of the new company. "The film is incredibly timely given the current upheavals in Egypt, Libya, Syria and literally all over the Middle East and delivers a powerful message about value of diplomacy," he added.

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