Sunday, August 23, 2009

Menachem Begin Was The Cause of Ben-Gurion's Declaring a State

In his latest column, The Makings of History, Tom Segev brings us the story of a new book to be published in the coming year dealing with:

Ben-Gurion's ulterior motive

Dr. Erez Casif, a political science professor at Tel Aviv University and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev...If he's lucky, [his new] book will cause a scandal. Its proposed title is "Why was the State of Israel 'Really' Established?"

The answer, according to Casif, is that David Ben-Gurion declared Israel's independence on May 14, 1948 because he was afraid his rival, Menachem Begin, was liable to do so himself. Ben-Gurion also feared that the Etzel (the Irgun - National Military Organization) would murder him, claims Casif.

Casif presented this theory at an interdisciplinary conference of researchers in Jerusalem, sponsored by Ariel College and Beit Morasha...

According to Casif, the British decided to leave Palestine due to the armed struggle by the underground right-wing Etzel and Lehi paramilitary organizations. As they prepared to withdraw, it was clear that a Jewish state would be established, but the real question was who would govern it. Ben-Gurion knew Etzel and Lehi enjoyed broad public support - and then came the attack on the Arab village of Deir Yassin, followed by a mass flight of Palestinians. This development was also credited to Etzel and Lehi...
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