Wednesday, August 19, 2009

On the Death of Dudu Topaz

Entertainer Dudu Topaz (David Goldenberg) took his own life this morning.

It was Topaz who, at an election rally on behalf of the Labour Party in then Kikar Malchei Yisrael in Tel Aviv on the eve of the 1981 election, made disparaging remarks in slandering the military bravery of members of Herut and Likud when he said,

"Good evening to the true people of this land, you and not the 'tzachtzachim' [a derogatory word alluding to Israeli Jews of Middle Eastern background] of the Likud who will be here tomorrow night. It's a pleasure to see the crowd here, and it's a pleasure to see that there are no tzachtzachim here who ruin election gatherings...the tzachtzachim are at Metzudat Ze'ev [Likud Party headquarters]. They are hardly gatekeepers, if they at all serve in the Army. Here are those who serve as soldiers and commanders in the elite frontline units."

Mr. Begin's speech in response is highlighted in the Begin Museum and recognized as one of the most famous of his speeches, one that most probably turned the tide in that election campaign, bringing victory to the Likud by one seat.
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