Thursday, September 24, 2009

Error in Jerusalem Post Op-ed

In a long article discussing the Transfer Agreement of 1933 with Nazi Germany so that Jews could immigrate, the author writes this:

DURING THE prewar years, the Transfer Agreement tore the Jewish world apart, turning leader against leader, prompting rebellion and even assassination within the Yishuv and Diaspora alike. Jewish Agency de-facto foreign minister Haim Arlosoroff, who had negotiated the deal on behalf of the Zionist Mapai Party, was assassinated on an empty stretch of the Tel Aviv beach (near where the Tel Aviv Hilton now stands), presumably by Revisionist Zionists of the Ze'ev Jabotinsky camp. The Revisionist Zionists, a minority at the time, violently opposed the deal with the Nazis. Today streets everywhere in Israel are named for Arlosoroff.

The commission that was appointed during Menachem Begin's premiership came to another conclsuion, that the Revisionists were not at all responsible for the shooting death of Chaim Arlosoroff. Moreover, the use of "violently opposed" was not reflected in deeds but rather in the press.
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