Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yoel Marcus Suggests Menachem Begin 'Lied'

Winston Churchill once said that during wartime the truth is so precious it is necessary to guard it with a wall of lies. But no one has ever said that a person who is supposed to be working toward peace has to surround the truth in a wall of lies. If Netanyahu's trip was so secret, why did they reveal that he had traveled at all? And to whom did they reveal that he had traveled to Russia? If this is such an important secret, why has there been such anguish at the Prime Minister's Bureau, instead of leaving the secret for the history books?

This country's history is paved with secrets and lies that were considered justified. David Ben-Gurion declared, for example, that it wasn't the Israel Defense Forces that had carried out the slaughter at Qibya, whereas he himself had authorized that reprisal action. No one knew about prime minister Yitzhak Rabin's flight at the end of his first term when he traveled, disguised in a black wig, to a secret meeting in Morocco. To this day it's not clear whether Menachem Begin's promise the Lebanon War would be restricted to 40 kilometers was the truth or a lie.

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