Thursday, May 5, 2011

Begin and The Falkland Islands

A new book has claimed that Menachem Begin's reason for authorizing a company to sell arms to Argentina had to do with a seemingly hatred of England and love for the hanged Dov Gruner.


New book claims late prime minister sent weapons to avenge death of Dov Gruner, who was hanged by British Mandatory Authorities in 1947..

...Begin agreed to cooperate against Britain fairly quickly, saying: "You've come to talk badly about the British. Is this going to be used to kill the English? Go ahead. Dov up there is going to be happy with the decision. Obviously, it must be all done perfectly."

Israel Lotersztain, a former salesman for Isrex Argentina who was present in the meeting, said: "He hated the British above anything else. Everyone had forgotten the British occupation, but not him."

While we are still researching the matter, we came across words spoken by Mr. Begin at a meeting of the Cabinet on June 5, 1982:

The United States is today supporting Mrs. Thatcher, who bases herself on Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, that is, the right of self-defense, 13,000 kilometers distance from England's shores and we cannot apply the right of self-defense against the bloodshedding when it happens on our doorstep?  This is anarchy, an abandonment of principle.  We shall not act?...

This was the meeting that authorized the commencement of Operation Peace Over the Galillee.

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