Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Historical Map Published

The Begin Center announces the publication of a map of Jerusalem that marks places where Underground actions took place. The map contains 170 actions and operations conducted by the Hagana, Betar, Brit HaBiryonim, Irgun. Palmah and Lechi in Jerusalem between 1920-1948.

These actions include defense measures and reprisals against Arabs, attacks again st institutions and officials of the British Mandatory authority as well as against each other.

Each location is marked by number and has a correlating guide with a concise description of the event. This will allow history enthusiasts to go on self-guided tours through Jerusalem exploring the history of the Underground movements. At this time, the map is only available in Hebrew, but we hope to publish it in the future in English and possibly other languages. The map will be available for sale soon. The research of the historical material was done by Yisrael Medad, director of Information Resources at the Center.

The cover:

A section of the map:

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